Six Ways to Meet Your Resolutions

It’s true, I might still be writing 2011 on every document and signature line, but the fact is 2012 is here. And with the new year comes lots of resolutions, some easier to achieve than others. This year, I decided to take a route similar to those aiming to be healthier and happier, but instead, bundled it all up into one simple resolution…”I resolve to be the best version of myself, every day, one day at a time.”  By breaking it up into a day-by-day resolution, the task doesn’t seem as daunting and I am able to celebrate a success every day. Those that know me well know that I love any reason to celebrate. So, here are six ways I aim to achieve my 2012 goal.

Find Your Workout

Hot yoga is my workout. I’ve claimed it, it works, it’s mine. I leave feeling refreshed, yet exhausted. The point in this is to find your workout. Don’t lift weights or try Zumba because “it’s all the rave.” Try new workouts and find the one that leaves you feeling energized, mentally refreshed and exhausted at the end. Once you find the trifecta, you’ve got your workout…now run with it!

Use Good Habits to Break Old Habits

One of my worst habits is passing out after a long day without washing my face. So, to break this habit, I bought white pillow cases because I also hate sleeping on dirty sheets. This might not be the exact answer for you, but think about your bad habits and instead of scolding yourself for not being able to break it, think of a creative way to counter it with a good habit.

Be More Conscious of Time Spent

When I moved into my new apartment, I was faced with the decision of whether or not to turn the cable on. I decided to try out an experiment and go without it.  What I realized was that cable was the biggest time sucker in my life. Almost everything I used to do with the tv on as background noise now got accomplished in half the time. I guess I also realized we aren’t as good as multitasking as we think. Since I have been without cable, I have managed to accomplish more in my day and feel more rested and never rushed.

Learn to Say No…and Yes

This one may seem contradictory in nature, but what I realized is that my happiness is not going to come to me. All of those movies where it magically works out in the end are all Hollywood tales and if I want the same outcome, I have to write my own story. So, I took control and learned that when I want something, I should go for it and say yes. And when something makes me unhappy, I should also stand up and say no. By learning how to say yes and no, I have been much happier and motivated to achieve my resolution.

What Goes In, Must Come Out

Yes, this one might be a bit unappealing visually, but its the truth. Meghan constantly stressed the importance of what we put into our bodies and how it controls our moods, attitudes, and appearances. She is helping me to make healthier choices food wise and has also introduced me to the 2012 Challenge. Now maybe this eating style isn’t for you, and that is ok, but try to be more aware of what you are consuming. Calories aren’t the only way to determine food value.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

This one is probably the most important of them all. Few people succeed on the first attempt. There are three strikes in baseball in case you don’t hit it on the first try so why should we expect to succeed on our first attempt? If you fall or slip, just take a deep breath and start again. No one ever said the best version of ourselves is perfection.

– Shena –