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More Zucchini Madness

As you may recall, I received a donation from my mother a little over a week ago. Generous offerings from her aren’t normal sized to begin with but this one was, without a doubt, the most gargantuan gift of all. Left with a zucchini the size of a small (wait) big child, I had no […]

Simple is a Relative Term

As you may have noticed, the past couple weeks have been about simplifying meals. Or maybe more than just the past couple but you get the point. Who doesn’t love simple? What is sometimes overlooked when using the word “simple” is the fact that it’s a relative term, like so many other words. Just as […]

Pop Goes the Sicle

There are plenty of potato salads, dips,┬ábean mixtures, and burger recipes that we could lay down for your reading pleasure as July 4th arrives. However, something tells us many of you have traditional, family recipes that you’ve been making for years. If that’s incorrect, click HERE.   We’re all about family at the Main Street […]