Pinterest…. Have you heard the word?

If you haven’t already heard of Pinterest, then get out from under that rock and see for your self.  Pinterest is a great website where people from all over the world are able to post or “pin” images from other websites to share with the rest of the Pinterest community. You can pin anything from fashion to recipes to home decorating ideas to a cute picture of a little puppy.  It’s basically a way to spread ideas through images.  If you see an image that interests you on Pinterest, click on it, and you will be directed to the original website that the image came from.

With your personal profile you can create “boards” for each of the categories that you pin things into the most such as Travel or Fitness.  If you come across an interesting article, photo, or diy on the internet, you can pin that link to one of your boards for your followers to see.

It’s a great way to organize your favorite things that you find on the internet and share them with friends.  Here at the Inn, we love to pin fun recipes and decorating ideas that may inspire us for our events that we host.  We also use Pinterest as a tool for following other Bed and Breakfasts and sharing ideas with them.  Check out our boards here.

Check out some of our recent Pins:

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