Friendfest 2015!

It’s that time of year again! The cold, dark days of winter seem to drag on and on, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! And that light shines on Beltzner Hall in the Kutztown Fairgrounds. It is the seventh annual FriendFest my friends! An event featuring local (and non-local) breweries and wineries who bring some of their most popular beverages for you to taste. You must be at least 21 years old to attend, but you don’t HAVE to drink in order to have a great time. (Designated driver tickets are available at a reduced price) There will also be food vendors with samples as well as live music and dancing. Two awesome local bands will be performing throughout the evening: The Wallace Brothers Band and Frog Holler.

Friendfest is an annual event that will take place on Saturday, February 28, 2015. It is a benefit event held by Friend Inc. who uses the proceeds to help families and individuals in need in Northeastern Berks county.

Some of the vendors you can expect to see are: Golden Avalanche Brewing Company, Kutztown Brew Crew, Saucony Creek Brewing, Yards Brewing Company, Long Trout Winery, Peace Valley Winery, and Stonekeep Meadery. As well as many more!

It is a very fun event for a great cause and something to look forward to during these long chilly days!

There are two sessions that you can buy ticket for: 3-6pm and 6:30-9:30pm.

Ticket prices: Bought is advance, $10 for a designated driver and $35 for general admission. Both ticket prices includes a free hoagie and souvenir glass. General admission tickets bought at the door are $50, so we suggest buying them in advance! (DD tickets are still $10 at the door)

TIckets can be purchased online:

If you plan on attending and need a place to stay for the night that is within a short walking distance, you know who to call! (Main Street Inn)


Updating our 2015 Calendar!

Hello there friends, family, and visitors of the Kutztown Main Street Inn! We would like your help on updating our calendar for the new year.  Are there any special events happening in 2015 that you think our guests should not miss out on? Is there a show or festival that you attend every year?


Here is a list of our favorite local events for 2015 to get you started:

  • Comedy Night at the Kutztown Fire Company
  • Lehigh Valley Wine Trail March Madness
  • Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza
  • The Radio Show at Renninger’s
  • Kutztown Folk Festival
  • Taste of Kutztown
  • Muscle on Main
  • The Kutztown Fair
  • Lyons Fiddle Festival
  • Bowers Chili Pepper Festival
  • Kutztown University Craft Show

Please comment below or on our Facebook Page  with any ideas you have.  We greatly appreciate your help!



Dog Days of Summer

Florence and the Machine can certainly carry a tune but this Summer, they have it all wrong. The Dog Days are NOT over. We’ve had some record breaking temperatures already and there’s still time left for the hot vacationing season to blaze us some more. There are several ways to beat the heat and the Main Street Inn experimented with a fun one in a previous blog post. Did you have a chance to create popsicles of your own?

To be real with you folks for a second, the phrase” Dog Days” actually comes from an ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was closer to the sun and responsible for the hotter weather. Dog Days were believed to be an evil time when the sea boiled, the wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all other creatures became lazy.

I can certainly vouch for the lazy claim. This humid weather often urges me to post up in any sort of air conditioned vessel and melt into a comfortable blob, not unlike every kids’ ice cream on the streets outside. If you know the feeling, then imagine if you were covered in fur. I’m not talking about a science experiment gone wrong. I’m suggesting you think about your pets! Those furry friends attract and absorb more heat than my dad’s gorilla-like chest. Bad visual? Sorry, but I wanted a dramatic effect.

When you think about it, they call it dog days for a reason. A heat so terrible it could render your dog mad?! Nobody wants that so I suggest keeping your dog (or any pet for that matter) safe, sound and soothingly cool.

There are a variety of ways to do so and most of it is common sense like making sure their water is full and cold. If they’re outside, put them in the shade. Besides the norm, there are other ways to treat your dog. Think beyond the biscuit, beyond the doggie treat and beyond the good tummy rub. Why not consider taking them to an event?

Since it pains all of us dog lovers at the Main Street Inn to say your dogs aren’t permitted here, we felt the need to make up for it. We went ahead and did the research so when you return home from the Inn, no matter where home is, you can treat your puppy to a unique experience after being away. We lined up a few of our favorites, using as much geographical variety as possible, but the website,, offers a world of options. Literally. It’s worldwide. So if you’re one of our international travelers reading this, dive in as well!

1. Treasure Island Flea – San Francisco, CA

2. Open Air Market – Austin, TX

3. NYC Dog Hiking – New York City, NY

4. Somerville Dog Festival – Somerville, MA

5. 19th Annual Canine Fun Days & Greyhound Reunion – Cleveland, OH

6. Denver Pet Expo – Denver, CO

7. Stratford Animal Rescue Society Fall Festival – Stratford, CT

8. The Bow Wow Bash – Portland, OR

9. Yappy Hour at Quiet Waters Dog Park – Annapolis, MD

10. Dog Days of Summer – Phoenixville, PA

11. Pup”Paw”Looza – Telford, PA

12. Ties and Tails Gala – Charlotte, NC

13. Pack Walk in the Park – Hollywood, FL

14. 5th Annual Pet Festival – Ann Arbor, MI

15. Woofstock 2012 Animal Adoption & Music Festival – Tacoma, WA

16. Hounds for Hope Walk – San Diego, CA

17. Camp Dogwood – Chicago, IL

18. Paws in the Park – Atlanta, GA

19. 4 Paw “Dogs Days of Summer” Anniversary Event – Spartanburg, SC

20. Paws for Cancer – Lakewood, NJ




Until Next Time,

Pooch Party Purveyor