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Don’t fear the Biscotti

If you drink a hot beverage anytime during the day, whether it be coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, you should love biscotti.  I’ve noticed that some people tend to shy away from it, fear it almost, because it seems like an extra crumbly, super hard, difficult to eat cookie/biscuit thing.  But, this is not the […]

What the Heck is a Fasnacht?

A Fasnacht, sometimes spelled Fastnacht, Fashnacht, or Faschnacht, looks like a square or triangular, less sweet doughnut, without the hole, it’s traditionally made with mashed potatoes, risen with yeast, deep fried, and you eat it with a thick sugary syrup.  We here in PA Dutch country celebrate Fasnacht day on Tuesday, February 21 this year, also known as […]