Figs Are My Jam

Today’s post will resemble the method I used to create the topic at hand: short and sweet.

I never made fig jam before, or any jam for that matter. All the recipes I found seemed complicated, involving an intricate canning process. I just wanted to mush up some fresh figs, add a few sweetening items and devour it on a crisp piece of warm toast. So that’s basically what I did. Just goes to show, once again, that you don’t need to attend a fancy shmancy culinary school to eat farm fresh and deliciously healthy foods! Just give it a go and learn along the way!


Figs (de-stemmed but not de-peeled)





Orange or Lemon Juice


Add all ingredients and a little water to a pot (vary amounts depending on how many figs used – use best judgement)

Bring to a boil then set heat to low

Cover and let sit for 1 hour or longer

Use potato masher to break up the boiled figs (they will crush easily)

Turn off heat and let cool

Add to mason jar and refrigerate

Consume within 2-3 weeks (should not be a problem)


Until Next Time,

 Simple Kitchen Sista’

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