When All Else Fails, Wrap in Bacon

I was confronted with an unusual cooking dilemma after a hefty fig donation from my Nonni (Italian Grandparents). As you may know from past writings, I’m not too keen on taking food from others but I rarely purchase these fruity items from the market or grow them on my own so I was excited to de-branch a bunch and get to work. Mid-picking process, I decided to confront my Uncle Maurice for recipe tips and pointers. His suggestion? “Just peel and eat neputina!”

We also touched on the idea of creating homemade fig jam but didn’t stray far from the sweeter side of things and I was hoping for something savory or out of the ordinary. Obviously, as a fruit, I could add it to several baked goods recipes to create a fig flavored cookie, muffin, biscotti, bread, pancakes or something along those lines. Baking, however, is not really for me. It was common knowledge to me that the sugary fruit is enjoyed often with cheese, which I love, so that’s the direction I was hoping to head. Also, since we operate a Bed & Breakfast around these parts, a morning meal was preferred.

My usual recipe search began, checking one of my favorite spots first, Smitten Kitchen‘s blog, but coming up empty handed. Don’t get me wrong, the girl has her fair share of fig-infused, delicious sounding options but nothing I was dyeing to devour. A general Google search landed me in the right spot which happened to be a Berkeley, CA-based food blog called Local Lemons. Her Roasted Figs with Cheese and Eggs recipe had me hooked from the start, mostly because of the simplistic ring to it. Figs, eggs and cheese. How could you go wrong?

Turns out that was the case…and then some. There was absolutely no wrong to be done in attempting this savory breakfast recipe that featured figs as the main character. In fact, things only got better post Local Lemon discovery. Upon previewing a photo of my figs on Main Street Inn’s Facebook wall with a request for cooking ideas, Gloria Heffner chimed in saying just what I needed/wanted/always love to hear.

“Wrap in bacon then broil or bake.”

It was settled. I planned to combine the two ideas for an ultimate savory fig breakfast. I basically followed Local Lemons instructions (see below) for roasting the figs but wrapped them in bacon during the process and left out the cheese until later. I completely nixed the olive oil and sea salt since pork is naturally salty and I knew juices from the fat would soak into the fig while baking.

Another great thing about this recipe is you can use it as a a VERY easy but fancy lookin’ hors d’oeuvres for the next shin dig you throw. Leave the egg at home and stick with a little crostini for presentation. Your guests won’t know what hit ’em! Enjoy!


fresh figs
strong cheese (blue, gorgonzola, pecorino) – I used goat simply because I LOVE IT
fresh bread


– Preheat the oven to 400F

– Using a sharp paring knife, cut the small stems off the top of each fig. Cut an “X” into the top of the fig, going about an inch deep. Gently spread the fig open just a touch

– Arrange figs on an ovenproof dish

– Cook until bacon is nearly done (different for each eater so didn’t want to specify a time but took me about 30 minutes)

– Pull from oven and top each bacon wrapped fig with a semi-flattened piece of cheese so it covers more surface area and slightly holds everything together

– Place back in the oven and cook a little longer until cheese is melted and bacon thoroughly cooked

– Meanwhile, cook eggs in a frying pan to your liking (I prefer over medium with the yolk a little runny)

– Pull the bacon-wrapped, cheese-topped fig from the oven when done

– Arrange the ingredients: bread, egg, fig

– Enjoy!


Until Next Time,

Bacon Therapy Enthusiast


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