Pop Goes the Sicle

There are plenty of potato salads, dips, bean mixtures, and burger recipes that we could lay down for your reading pleasure as July 4th arrives. However, something tells us many of you have traditional, family recipes that you’ve been making for years. If that’s incorrect, click HERE.


We’re all about family at the Main Street Inn so don’t expect any effort from our crew to “revitalize” your grandma’s secret recipe. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in the Fourth of July Summer spirit and nothing screams summer like good old fashioned popsicles.


Stop. Don’t you dare run to the frozen food section at your nearest grocery store and grab a box of Dole’s fruit pops. One) because it’s too hot to run and Two) because this is the perfect opportunity to stay a kid at heart, beat the heat, and have some no-hassle fun! Yes, I realize the second reason we actually three different reasons.


Seriously, they are popsicles! That means, pick ingredients, add a little water and freeze. I’ll test you now by asking whether you think I went out to buy ingredients or used my current inventory? Frequent readers would know the answer to this but I probably don’t have any of those so the answer is CURRENT INVENTORY! Ding, ding, ding. If you’re getting sick of this “too lazy (more like too busy) to get groceries” bit, please let me know. I see it as an outlet for creativity. Never fails. The crepes were living proof of that and so are these stellar popsicles.


A food processor came into play for some of them, like the Blueberry French Vanilla Yogurt Pop and the “Sangria” Pop but I also recommend using chunks of fruit or chocolate chips. This is a great way to get texture, adding an extra special surprise for those who get to enjoy the frozen delights. It also looks nice. If you’re really crafty, you can layer the ingredients, maybe even in a patriotic fashion. I kept it simple, kept an open mind and kept….eating the finished product over and over.


Try your hand on one of the four varieties I created or come up with your own. Feel free to share your fun with everyone here at the Main Street Inn by posting on our Facebook wall. It really is a fun, quick and kid friendly way to make some delicious treats.



Blueberry Dynamite Pop

Fresh Blueberries – chop in food processer with a little water until purple/blue juice accumulates but still have smaller chunks

French Vanilla Yogurt – add to food processor and mix briefly to blend with blueberry juice


Sangria Pop

Peach – use food processor and water to chop/juice the fruit

Raspberry Preserve – add to peach juice in food processor and pulse until mixed together

Red Wine – add a small helping of red wine (I used Syrah)


Afternoon Refresher Pop

Brewed Coffee

Chocolate Chips

Vanilla Almond Milk


Zen Pop

Prune Juice


Hot Mint Tea

Diced Peaches

Diced Blueberries

As far as portioning goes, play around with it. There are always two rules to remember no matter what you’re making. 1) There is no such thing as too much chocolate. 2) Follow rule #1.


Until Next Time,

Kid Friendly Popsicle Pusher


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  • patt (notice 2 TTs!!) says:

    OK, Angela, here I go again! I will try the ZEN popsicle (1) becausre I have the ingredients…well, I don’t have the mint right now but I may try it with either (1) vanilla extract or (2) almond extract….also, I happen to have a set of plastic popsicle shapes tha I haven’t used in ages so, I’m all set to give it a whirl (get it?…in the blender). Thanks for some fun on a HOT afternoon in Missouri. Hi to your folks, too…

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