Sleeping in the Fetal Position Means I’m Shy?

As the blogging daughter of Main Street Inn B&B, a place that specializes in comfy slumber, my sleep fascination seems ironically fitting. There are many aspects to discuss in regards to the universal act we all enjoy. However, I feel “position” is a topic that deserves a look beyond the sleepy surface. Some choose to curl up in a ball, lay on your back, or hang from a tree. That last one was for our readers that are also bats.

Many of us decide which snoozy angle feels best and stick with it forever. Then again, my experience only extends to age 24. Maybe I’m being ignorant and sleeping positions do  evolve with old age. I’ll have to ask my mom about that one. : )

For as long as I can remember, these lids aren’t peacefully closed until I’m on my belly, head to the side, hugging a pillow. According to Sleep Nicely, the technical term for this position is “freefall.” However, it wasn’t the focus on body shape that caught my eye in Sleep Nicely’s post. Instead, I was hooked by the further research that delineated what the position meant about you as a person. Not unlike silly astrology books we all buy to “find out who we are, maaannn,” Dr. Ganesh Narasimhan provides an intriguing outlook for 6 of the 10 common sleeping positions. Between you and me (and everyone else because this blog is public) I found my corresponding description to be freakishly accurate. So now it’s your turn! Admit to your style, read the description and share how accurate or inaccurate you find it to be. The result may surprise you.


Don’t Fear the To Do List

The nicer weather is here and it hits you. The urge to do, do, do! Sun is shining, breeze is blowing, people are out and about. Friendly local Kutztown vendors like Camillo’s, Basin Street, and Betty’s invite passerby’s to enjoy their al fresco dining in the beautiful Spring weather. Patronizing your favorite hot spots partnered with never ending tasks around the house seem to conquer your free time until the two categories blend and you’ve reached a point of exhaustion.

There is no doubt that personal chores deserve attention but is there a way to complete them that breaks routine and gives your Spring/Summer 2012 To-Do List a head turning makeover? Yes! The girls at Main Street Inn Bed & Breakfast know chores better than anyone else. Eight luxurious rooms to clean, mouthwatering baked goods to create, lush landscaping to maintain, and that’s just the beginning. We stay optimistic and cheery by taking control of the to-do list with unique, quick, and budget conscious ideas. Here are a few we decided to share. Take them, tell a friend, make them your own, and let us know how you did it! The personal chore list is a battle we all fight, so why not do it together?

1. This Here. That There.


Re-arranging furniture is an inexpensive task that can take less than an hour if you attack it with thought and determination. The result? A fresh new look that was absolutely free! Better Homes & Garden gives some fantastic pointers on ways to transform your rooms on a budget.

2. Guitar or Vacuum?

Cleaning is an inevitable occurrence when Spring arrives or, if you work at Main Street Inn Bed & Breakfast, when check-out arrives. Beat the dust bunny blues by pairing your vacuum routine with a funky playlist like this one. Who knew Martha Stewart could be so hip?


3. New Kind of Cooking

Following a recipe at the end of a long day to find that you’re missing 4 out of 5 ingredients can be discouraging. If you didn’t prepare something ahead of time, go with what you’ve got! Use to enter ingredients and magically get recipes in return!

4. Sunday Preparation

Sometimes hunger strikes where exhaustion already exists. Despite a tired body, use your free time wisely on the weekend. Sunday afternoon is great for making homemade freezer dinners you can later enjoy effortlessly throughout the week. Find the best spot in your schedule and use this post from Big Red Kitchen to get started, then create recipes of your own!

5. If All Else Fails

Take a deep breath, grab your favorite refreshing beverage and remind yourself, “it can wait.” We are all guilty of getting caught up on the little things in life. Although the Main Street Inn can’t “let things go until tomorrow”, we encourage you to do so now and again and if you’re looking for a place to truly relax, just get away from it all, you know where that is. [wink]

Photos credited to Basin Street Hotel, Better Homes & Garden, and Big Red Kitchen.

Paying My Mother Back, One Social Media Site at a Time

Paying your mother back for the glorious gift that is birth seems nearly impossible. Unless you have the opportunity to save her life (which I hope isn’t the case for several reasons) then there is really no gesture equivalent to giving someone lungs for breathing, a beating heart, brown hair, big eyes…life! The reason I say this is because I am the newest addition to Main Street Inn Bed & Breakfast. Although I am not solely doing it because Pam brought me into this glorious world and put up with my crap for 24 years, I do believe she’ll owe me a solid after this is all over.

I, Angela Corrado, am the youngest of Pam, the Innkeeper’s, three daughters and it is an honor to support the amazing establishment she and my father built. However, I’m excited to join the Main Street Inn team for many reasons. The whole hosh-posh crew is just down right fun to be around. They sincerely enjoy providing each and every guest with the best bed & breakfast experience of their lives. Pam, Shena (my oldest sister) and Meghan (long time family friend) are pushing the envelope when it comes to boutique hotels and I want to be there to give it an extra shove. I am, after all, the strongest of the group. The other B&B ladies may say that’s debatable but they have been around cleaning products for too long.

As the new Social Media Manager, I can promise some intriguing blog posts, useful Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, interactive promotions, and much, much more. My ears will constantly be open for feedback and the blog will happily welcome guest writers from time to time. There are a lot of exciting new ventures on the horizon for this facility. We always look forward to returning visitors but may have a few tricks up our sleeves to attract new customers.

You might have already noticed I’m a bit of a jokester and you’ll see that come through in my writing. Deep down I’m just a goofy food enthusiast who believes there is no such thing as too much garlic. Trying nutritious recipes with no intent to measure ingredients is one of my favorite past times. If you can’t find me at the nearest Mexican restaurant, food or beer festival, I’m most likely enjoying an adventurous outdoor activity with family and friends.

For more information, just to chat, or if you have any questions, please feel free to send e-mails to and remember to stay tuned for more reads from the youngest, but tallest, Corrado. Cheers!