Extreme Sleeping

The post this week is a bit light-hearted and fun.  I’ve simply decided to search the web for some extreme hotels, Inns, B&Bs, or simply camp-sites that offer some extreme places to sleep.  These places are nothing short of spectacular and would be an adventure just to stay the night.

Is it even Spring yet?

We are starting to wonder if this is all a joke.  Is mother nature yanking our chain, pulling our leg, leading us on?  Who cares!  We’ll take it!  Mid-March has brought us beautiful sunshine and warm afternoons rather than it’s typical brisk, cold, and windy days.  It makes us open all the doors, pull the screens down in the windows and let the house air out and become filled with fresh spring air.  Walking around Kutztown, the scent of food on a grill seems to waft through the yards and into the streets.  There is also an obvious change in the abundance of activity on the sidewalks and in the park.  Even the pups, Remi and Doobie, love to go for walks in town and say hi to our guests.

The courtyard is finally in a transition from the drab winter to a blooming lively spring.  One beautiful bright yellow daffodil has opened its petals in the courtyard here at The Main Street Inn.  Soon to follow will be more daffodils and the colorful tulips.  Even if the calender doesn’t officially tell us it’s Spring yet, we like to think that birds tell us it is.  Plus, we aren’t about to argue with a ten day forecast predicting sunny skies and temps in the mid-upper 60’s.

Soon the courtyard here at The Main Street Inn will be nicely shaded by the giant Sycamore trees, the morning glories and trumpet vines will make their way up the iron fence, and the brightly colored tulips will spread their petals towards the sun.  Pam is thinking about which herbs she will plant beside the fountain this year.  The chives and parsley are already coming back from last year and they look great!  Basil is a definite herb that we love and use in a lot of our dishes when it is in abundance in the garden.  Other herbs that Pam may plant include cilantro, rosemary, and oregano.  If you are a previous guest of ours, you know how beautiful the Hydrangeas can be that line the parking lot, well they are already growing bright green buds and seem excited to start blooming.

We hope you will soon get a chance to come by the Inn and see all the beautiful blooms that are happening this Spring!  Now get outside and enjoy that fresh air!


A Cyclist’s Mecca

Berks and it’s neighboring Lehigh County are known for their excellent cycling routes and beautiful landscape.  If you ever find yourself driving around the back roads of Kutztown on a nice day, you are sure to pass a few bicycling enthusiasts out for a ride.  Whether you enjoy riding through flat farmland or prefer a more treacherousness ride up around the shady trees of the surrounding mountains, there is always a route for you along with something new to discover along the way.

With the nice weather approaching, you will see more and more novice riders out on the roads during the weekends getting some fresh air and great exercise.  There are also the more hard-core riders (they must take off work) riding in pairs or packs on any given day during the week.

We’ve had guests stay with us who have their bikes strapped onto the back of their cars and find time to go for a ride during their visit to Kutztown.  If you enjoy riding, plan ahead and map out a route that fits your preferences and ability.  Even just riding around town will get your heart pumping and it’s a great way to explore the area.

If you are staying with us at the Inn this summer, or are looking for a reason to stay, check out the Lehigh Valley Preferred Cycling Center and the Bob Rodale Cycling and Fitness Park located in Trexlertown.  Trexlertown is located about 10 miles east of Kutztown and is a quick drive from the Main Street Inn.  The Lehigh Valley Preferred Cycling Center, also known simply as The Velodrome is a 333 meter track where cyclists of all ages from all over the world come to compete in different races and events that are open to the public.  Also, while watching the races you can enjoy local all organic food from the Breakaway Cafe.  The Bob Rodale Cycling and Fitness Park is perfect for riding your bike, roller blading, or just walking around the 1.3 mile long loop.  There is also a beautiful boardwalk trail that weaves through the woods allowing for bird watching and nature observation.

So pack a picnic, strap the bikes onto the car and head on out to the Rodale Park for an afternoon of physical activity, find the pavilion to snack on some food, and head across the street to the Velodrome for great evening entertainment and cycling excitement while the whole family enjoys watching the races.