What the Heck is a Fasnacht?

A Fasnacht, sometimes spelled Fastnacht, Fashnacht, or Faschnacht, looks like a square or triangular, less sweet doughnut, without the hole, it’s traditionally made with mashed potatoes, risen with yeast, deep fried, and you eat it with a thick sugary syrup.  We here in PA Dutch country celebrate Fasnacht day on Tuesday, February 21 this year, also known as Fat Tuesday, and in New Orleans, Mardi Gras!

Fasnacht Day is celebrated Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.  It originated in Germany as a way to rid the household of fat and sugar before the fasting of Lent has begun.  The holiday is celebrated in the areas around Lancaster country and eastern Pennsylvania along with areas of Europe such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

This week at the Inn, in preparation for Fat Tuesday, we decided to try our hand at making an authentic and tasty Fasnacht.  There are so many different ways of making these tasty little treats, it was hard to pick just one recipe.  Lets hope they turn out to be as delicious as we’re dreaming they will be!

Click HERE to see a great website that includes seven different recipes for Fasnachts.  We still haven’t decided which recipe to try for next week, but it is sure to turn out a totally delicious treat!

Photos coming soon!

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