To celebrate or not to celebrate…St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and whether you choose to avoid it all together or dive head first into the fun of the holiday, think again about how Valentine’s Day started.  One of the theories of how Valentine’s Day began is that Saint Valentine was priest in 3rd Century Rome and would secretly marry young lovers during a time when young men were prohibited to marry because single men made better soldiers.  Another account of Saint Valentine is that he was imprisoned and sent the first love letter to a woman who would visit him in the prison.  He would sign the letter “Love your Valentine.”

Valentine’s Day is no longer considered a religious or pagan holiday but more culturally declared a “greeting card” holiday.  But either way you look at it, its origin stems back to ancient Rome and a real Saint Valentine who believed in true love.

It’s not just a holiday for lovers.  In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day you don’t have to be in a smoochy smoochy relationship.  It’s a holiday to celebrate and express your love towards friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and even pets.  Sending out a few cards to long distance friends and family, making some cute sweet treats to hand out at work, or just wearing red and telling one person that you care for them is all you need to do.

Here at the Inn, we add just a few little touches for the holiday of Love.  We have our pink peppermint biscotti out for the guests, the red table clothes on the dining room tables, and possibly a few fresh flowers in the buffet area.  We do this to remind our guests how much we love and appreciate them!  Pam and Angelo will also be celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary this month, so Valentine’s Day is always extra special for them.

Don’t forget to check out the packages we offer here at the Main Street Inn because for the month of February, they are 15% OFF!  Choose from four different specially designed packages to make your stay here extra special and memorable. These packages include Lucky in Love, Life’s Simple Pleasures, Pamper & Relax, and Celebrate Good Times.

To be inspired for Valentine’s Day check out and type the word ‘valentine’ into the search bar.  There you will find pages and pages of ideas for cute and sweet treats.  Or, stop in to your local florist and be swept away by the aromatic scent of flowers and have a bouquet sent to someone special.  And if you are feeling extra crafty, you can grab a few pieces of red and pink paper and make some homemade Valentines to hand out or send in the mail.

Here are a few gift ideas for those of you who would rather ‘buy’ than ‘make’ this Valentine’s Day.  Just click an idea below and get inspired!

FlowersCandyJewelryApronCookbookPajamasBubble bathWineBreakfastDinnerCute Note, or Frame a favorite photograph

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